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We have arranged our products in simple categories so you can easily and quickly find the exact product you are looking for. We take great pride in our packaging and presentation and you can be assured of the highest quality in all our products.

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Earthworm Special
Earth Worm Farm
Classic Worm Farm
With 1000 worms.

Give back to the Earth
today by investing in an earthworm farm. This popular kit is simple to use and you can start recycling your "wet" waste right away.(includes Instruction Manual)

Worm Tea Kit 25l
With 10l Earthworm Castings FREE

Includes bucket, tap, air pump and hose, non return valves, diffuser, 2.5l
castings tub, 2 x worm tea minerals (lawn and general purpose), plus a 10l refill bag of castings Free.

Bokashi Composting Bin

This amazing composting system can get rid of all
your wet waste, including
meat, dairy and fats.
Our special includes the
complete Bokashi
Composting Kit with 2.5l
Bokashi powder.
Instructions included.
Itís so easyÖ

R 895 - 95 
R 629 - 95
R 229 - 95

The burrowing earth worm is Nature's own plough, her chemist, her cultivator, her fertilizer and her distributor of food. In every way, the earthworm surpasses anything man has yet invented to work the soil.

Buy 50 Earthworms
Composting Earth Worms

50 Composting Earthworms
(Eisenia fetida species)
Introduce your children to Mother Nature's best friend with this handful of worms. This is all you need to get started. The worms will quickly multiply and produce more and more "Black Gold" for your Garden.
More Info...

R 39 - 95
Buy 500 Earthworms
Composting Earthworms

500 Composting Earthworms
(Eisenia fetida species)
Watch exponential growth in action. This modest population of worms,
under healthy conditions, are known to grow to 30 000 within the first year. This package has all the potential to get any household well on their wayto recycling their 'green' waste.
More Info...

R 129 - 95

Farming with Worms
Red Earth Worms

2000 Composting Earthworms
(Eisenia fetida species).
A bucket load! This is a substantial number of worms and under favorable conditions will take you into the '100 000 CLUB'within your first year. Garden lovers will be rewarded with plenty of earthworm castings.
More Info...

R 369 - 95
Worm Farm Cape Town
Earthworm Species

4000 Composting Earthworms
(Eisenia fetida species).
1kg of Worms! Start processing your waste into worm casting straight away. This enormous bundle of potential will grow into a waste consuming machine, capable of devouring over 400 kg of waste a week after your first year.
More Info...

R 589 - 95

The key principal to earthworm farming, around which everything tending toward success revolves -- is the containers in which the earthworm stock is housed.
We have taken the greatest care in the design of our earthworm farms
to ensure the best standard of well being for your worms.

Classic Worm Kit
Housing Earthworms

The most popular worm kit of them all. This simple stack system allows you to easily harvest fresh earthworm castings while allowing your worms to breed rapidly. Proudly made in South Africa to ensure a low manufacturing carbon foot print.
More info...

R 789 - 95
Triple Worm Farm Kit
Worm Farm Kit

When a bit bigger will only do. This kit is identical to the Classic Worm Kit except it has an extra feeding tray added to it. Please note that you can easily extend your system by adding more trays!
More info...

R 989 - 95

Worm tray
Buy Worm Farm Tray

Expand your system with an extra tray or two.The trays are very durable and have a long life span.
More info...

R 199 - 95
Stacking Worm Farm Kit
Hanging Stack Kit

The most practical and efficient, light commercial, system available.Easy to operate using a proven method of worm farming. Thissystem can easily be enlarged to deal with your unique waste requirements.
More info...

R 2 400 - 00

Earth Worm Composter
Earthworm Composter

The first complete household and light commercial flow through system. Feed the worms on top and harvest pure castings at the bottom. Built to last with thick galvanized metal and industrial stainless steel screens and mechanisms. Each unit is proudly hand made in South Africa.
More info...

R 13 900 - 00


Worm Tea Kits
Discover the organic farmers secret to super sized fruit and vegetables.
By applying your own home made compost worm tea you will notice a
dramatic improvement in the life of your garden.

Worm Tea

Worm Tea Kit

This kit comes complete with everything you need to make your own worm tea. Start today and change the way you treat your plants with this amazing Garden Tool. The worm tea is 100% natural and has been used by certified organic farmers for years.

R 529 - 95
Earthworm Tea

Earthworm Tea Kit

This is for the larger Garden and can be attached to your irrigation system. The system will save you water and you will have more growth from your garden than you have ever seen before. Save on Gardening costs and set the new "Green Standard" for your street.

R 2 489 - 95

Worm Tea Minerals
Buy Worm Tea Minerals

Worm Tea Bags

This parcel is packed with only natural ingredients to increase your worm tea strength. The high Molasses content ensures the best brew for your lawn.

R 39 - 95
Seaweed Minerals
Seaweed and Rock Dust

How To Make Worm Tea

This parcel is packed with only natural ingredients toincrease your worm tea strength. The high mineral content from Sea Weedand Rock Dust extracts ensures the best brew tobe used through out your Garden.

R 39 - 95

Earthworm Fertilizer
Made by Nature's tireless workers, it is a mixture of compounds and complex life chemicals of plant, animal and microbial origin, which has many functions in the soil and is considered by some to be the best organic fertilizer there is.

Earthworm Castings
Worm Castings

Worm Species

There is no better way to give back to the Earth than by replenishing your soils with worm castings. Perfect size to treat your most beloved potted plants.
More info...

R 39 - 95
Buy Earthworm Castings
Purchase Earth Worm Castings

Worm Solution

By feeding your soil earthworm castings you greatly illuminate Nature's pleasure with new life from your soil. Spread a small handful through out your garden and see the transformation.
More info...

R 59 - 95

Casting Compost
Buy Earthworm

Worm Storage

A little goes a long way. This is truly a bucket load of goodness. Spread a small handful through out your garden and see the transformation.
More info...

R 98 - 95
Composts for Sale
Buy Wormeries

Earth Worm Environment

Packaged in one of the most practical of containers. Buy a bucket and replenish it with our economical
refill bags.
More info...

R 189 - 95

Castings Refill Bag

Earthworm Food

Made from re-usable thick plastic, perfect for those garden chores. Refill any of our casting containers with this easy to handle refill bag.
More info...

R 89 - 95
Re-Useable Bags
Buy Earthworm Farms

Refill for Castings

When you really want to invest in a new trees growth. This convenient garden sized refill bag will supply any new tree those vital early years prosperity. Garden with record growth and improved water economy.
More info...

R 169 - 95

Grow Vegetables
Vegetable Growing with Earthworm Castings

Bulk Earthworm Castings

When you really want to invest in a new growth. This convenient large bag will supply you a season long supply. Buy in Bulk and Save!
More info...

R 249 - 95


Bokashi Composting
The pro-biotic of composting. Add a sprinkle to your waste and watch this powder in action. Infused with effective microbes which can contain any
smells as the waste is consumed in a bio-film which traps the nutrients,
similar to pickling.

Bokashi Powder

Kitchen Composter

Every household should have a bucket of this. Never lets smells of any kind get the better of you again. 100% Organic!
More info...

R 49 - 95
Pro Biotics

Bokashi South Africa

Restaurants and Company's dealing with smells emanating from yourwaste try a few sprinkles of these. More value for your Money.
More info...

R 98 - 95

Buy Bokashi Powder
Buy Bokashi

Bokashi Bin

Once you have discovered this new system you will want more. Conveniently packed and easy to store under the necessary conditions for the Bokashi to maintain it's potency.
More info...

R 169 - 95
Purchase Bokashi Powder
Bokashi for Sale

Bokashi Composter

Buying in Bulk with this convenient large refill bag. Keep your Bokashiunder prime conditions and use when you need to. Perfect for large waste management.
More info...

R 298 - 95

Bokashi Composting


Take up the challenge of recycling "All your Waste" with this airtight Bokashi Bin. The success you will receive from this premium Composting Bucket will be most evident in your garden.
More info...

R 198 - 95


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